Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Musings - The Next Month!

So you may have noticed that I haven't posted in the past few weeks. This is because I was planning something SUPER COOL for April!

No, not that. Don't be silly.
As you should all know, April is the first Camp NaNoWriMo of the year! I've tried Camp NaNoWriMo in the past year, but given that I am running sprints this year, I actually have to participate. This was intentional, because I've been missing the discipline of writing regularly, and since my April just got crazy busy due to doing that thing I hate doing, something to force me to write is a good thing.

That Thing I Hate Doing
But to help me (and you!) out, I will be posting daily on this blog. Consider these posts Weekly Writing Wrambling posts, only daily and shorter. I'll post little writing suggestion in terms of doing the writing, but also a plot device that can be used in case anyone (including me!) gets stuck.

So, since I have been planning daily blog posts AND writing a novel in April*, I've been planning ahead (LOOK AT WHO ISN'T PROCRASTINATING, WOO) and writing posts ahead of time. But fear not! You shall start getting more of me! Daily me! It's like we're actually friends!

To answer some potential follow-up questions about this--I don't know if I'll get to Monday Musings Posts, although I do want to review Divergent, the Veronica Mars book, and possibly Captain America this weekend. I am HOPING (fingers crossed!) to do more faith posts during Holy Week, but that's TBA too at this point. I'll try to announce things on Twitter.

So happy Camp NaNoWriMo, and on to March!!

*To be fair, I'm actually finishing up Once Upon A Time in San Jose, because I need that back story more ironed out as I'm rewriting The Current Book.

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