Friday, April 4, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo 2014 - Day Four

Ah, day four. Day four is always an interesting day in the NaNoWriMo timeline. We are getting further away from day one, which means that if we start over now, the odds of finishing on time are not so good. But meanwhile, our stories just don't seem very interesting any more.

Consequently, I give you a sentence that will make your writing journey easier: "<INSERT PROTAGONIST'S NAME> thought they were dreaming."

Ah, the dream sequence. I find the dream sequence to be one of the most useful techniques in storytelling. We can see what our character wants or is afraid of, but also how they would act if that situation presented itself. That always makes for an interesting scene; how would your protagonist ask if their enemy came and kissed them? If they had to walk the tightrope at the circus? It can be lots of fun to write these scenes, particularly since they can be ridiculous; but since it is a dream, anything is fair game.

The added bonus with a dream sequence, though, is that it actually means nothing. The character can remember the dream or they can forget it, but it doesn’t actually change the plot. You don’t have to worry about the long term ramifications of two characters kissing or breaking up, but you can have all the fun and the words that come along from those scenes. So throw a dream sequence into your novel today!

TODAY’S PLOT DEVICE: A dream sequence that involves your main character being stabbed. Who stabbed them? Why? So much to dig into there!

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