Monday, April 7, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo 2014 - Day Seven

(Continued from yesterday)

Today we are going to discuss moving the “there” of your story up, which is another way to deal with a boring story.

As a note, this doesn’t always work with every type of story, but works well with character-driven stories and where the cleanup will take a while. To go back to yesterday’s example, would moving Voldemort’s death to book six have been effective? Probably not. But look at the end of season one of Fringe (FRINGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE). Originally, the other side was not going to be introduced until much later in the narrative. But what else was left to talk about? Not much; the only real mystery would have been the Observer.

So they moved the reveal up to the end of Season One. When you move the “there” to earlier in your narrative, new problems come up. There might be cleanup that is required. New characters can come in and change dynamics. It can sometimes be annoying to do; you have a wonderful climax planned, after all, and all that planning is now ruined. But raising the tension earlier will actually create a better ending, if your story is based on characters and not on the plot.

Don’t be afraid of moving your “there” to earlier in the story if you are bored. If you think the aftereffects will be more entertaining than your present passage, it is probably a good idea.

TODAY’S PLOT DEVICE: Have a character share a scary childhood memory. Remember: the more details, the better! (Details=words)

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