Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Travels: Bay Area Bucket List

I have decided that this year, 2015, is the year I will complete my Bay Area Bucket List! My Bay Area Bucket List is the list of things I want to do in the Bay Area while I am still here. The updates regarding my Bay Area Bucket List (that is a really long name. I may start calling it the BABL, which should be pronounced "Babble") will be posted here on Tuesdays, as a Tuesday Travels.

So: the list!

  1. Bike along the Golden Gate Bridge
  2. Hang up a sign saying "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish" on Pier 39 where the sea lions used to be
  3. See the really crazy part of Lombard Street
  4. Visit a friend down in Pasadena, since I have said I would do that for years and still have not
  5. Go to Fortune Cookie Factory
  6. Go to Wine Train
  7. Go to Chabot Space and Science Center
  8. Go to Nightlife at the Cal Academy of Sciences
  9. Go to Member night at the Monterey Aquarium, since I'm a member and 21 and can enjoy it now.
  10. Go to Abundant Life and hear Frances Chan
  11. Go to Garlic Festival
  12. Go to Apple Hill
  13. Go to Disneyland! (Not quite in the Bay Area, but it is in the hood)
  14. Go to a game at Dodgers Stadium, but not a Giants game because I do not want to die via Dodgers fans
  15. Go to a Giants game down in San Diego
  16. Stanfurd-UCLA gymnastics meet
  17. Warriors game
  18. A's game
  19. Niners game
  20. Earthquakes game (at the Earthquakes stadium)
  21. Cal football game
  22. Knit scarves in Giants/Warriors/Niners/Earthquakes/Sharks colors, so I can represent appropriately.
  23. Take a photo with the World Series trophies
  24. Go stargazing at Windy Hill, and actually wait until the fog settles into the valley so I can see all of the stars
  25. Drive on 1 and take some pretty pictures
  26. Go to the top of Mount Tam and take some pretty pictures
  27. Eat at the restaurant at the top of Highway 17, because it looks pretty
  28. Try Ravioli from Bertucelli's La Villa Gourmet
  29. Try some of the wineries in the Santa Cruz mountains
  30. Actually eat at Coupa Cafe
  31. Lunch at Google
  32. Eat at Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay
  33. Eat Chinese Food in Chinatown
  34. Try Ethiopian food
  35. Try Bi-Rite Ice Cream
  36. See a movie at the Stanfurd Theatre
  37. Beach Blanket Babylon
  38. Go to the Tech Museum one last time
  39. Go to Giants Opening Day
  40. Eat one last time at:
    1. Zachary's (Pizza)
    2. Cheeseboard (Pizza)
    3. Cheese House (Sandwiches)
    4. Arguello Supermarket (Sandwiches)
    5. Iguana's (Burrito)
    6. Skates (Seafood)
    7. Kal's (Burgers)
    8. Kirk's (Burgers)
    9. In-N-Out (Burger. Also bound to happen.)
    10. Ghirardelli's (Ice Cream)
    11. Fenton's (Ice Cream)
    12. Peninsula Creamery (with a milkshake!)
    13. Douce France (Chai Latte)
Please let me know if you are interested in doing any with me!

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