Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday Travels - No. 25 - Drive on 1 and take some pretty pictures

My first Tuesday Travels for realsies! Yay!

This week I accomplished number 25 on my Bucket List - I drove on Highway 1 for a while and took some pretty photos of the California Coast. I also stopped and found an excellent thinking spot. It was kind of hidden away from the parking lot, and then you sit on a cliff and nobody can see you and I had a lovely view of the sunset and the beach.

Overall, very nice, and I'm glad I did it. For all my complaints about the Bay Area, it really can be a beautiful place. Pictures below!

Highway 1
Driving on Highway 1

Pretty tree-ful part of Highway 1

The sun begins to set

My spot

I could see people walking on the beach from my spot

Pretty sunset

Pretty red clouds

Quick devotional at my spot

The sun is set...

...But this one buoy was now so bright I couldn't even look at it

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