Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Travels - No. 40.12 - Peninsula Creamery (with a milkshake!)

Mmm, milkshakes. They are the perfect food; creamy, yet not (always) too heavy. While I will always believe that Hume Lake has the greatest milkshakes known to mankind, I will admit that Peninsula Creamery's are quite tasty as well. So I traveled there to have one more milkshake.

Their milkshakes bring all the Christine's to the table
 First thought: they are better than I remembered. Perhaps a little bit oversweet, but the perfect amount of thickness for a straw. I don't know why places boast about how their milkshakes are so thick that you need a spoon; if I wanted something with a spoon, I'd have gone for the hard stuff. I want a milkshake. I want to drink my ice cream.

See? Drinkable.
Now is the spoon useful? Yes. I like to get cookie dough milkshakes because then I get all of the dough at the bottom, and that requires a spoon to get to. But I should be able to drink most of it.

The cookie dough at the bottom
So yummy. So nice. I'm glad to have consumed one last milkshake there.

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