Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Fiction Feed - Clean Up! Clean Up!

I hate cleaning. Have I mentioned this? I probably have. I hate cleaning. It takes so much energy, and yes, it's nice to be in a clean room, but if I spend that energy writing, then I have something forever! The room will get messy again.

(And yes, I spend a lot of my time just playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds or whatever. But I'm thinking when that happens! Cleaning means I can't think.)

But cleaning helps me find lost things. Money is always nice, but sometimes a television remote, a receipt...a checkbook...there's always something. Sometimes what I find gives me something to do, like a gift card lets me plan an adventure, or a memento reminds me of something I want to do.

Have a character clean up, but have them find something to do through it. Go on a side quest! Find something new, something fun. So what if it all ends up on the editing room floor? It'll help you learn more about the character too.

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