Saturday, January 30, 2016


Ahh. No chores; no pressure. I didn't even do anything super fancy today, but the mere fact of not being at home and not having my own tasks and to-do list to do is lovely. Ahhhhhh. 

Today was pretty fun, too. I'm staying with two friends, and a third friend joined us. The Pocky team is back! After sleeping in this morning, we grabbed hoagies and then went grocery shopping to make lamb tomorrow (and I got burrata!!! Mmm). We just sat around and chatted for a while, then went to get soup dumplings. 

Ah, soup dumplings. They are dumplings filled with soup and ever so tasty. They are steamed, so it isn't like a crispy potsticker or Gyoza, and you bite into one and explodes into soupy tastiness. Think of it like inside out Wonton Soup. Super tasty, or maybe I should say souper. Once that was consumed, we went over to 85 Degrees. 

I am searching for a chocolatey roll that I got last time, but today's was not the one. Alas!

This evening we played Settlers of Catan. (I lost. Argh. Stupid robber.) Overall, a very good day! Hopefully tomorrow will be relaxing too. 

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