Friday, January 29, 2016

T-Minus Six Hours - My Itinerary!

Here is what I will be doing on holiday. I leave today! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

Friday, January 29--Arrive in SoCal and meet up with my lovely friends from my LA Adventure. Will we find the Pocky People again? I hope so.

Saturday, January 30--Something. I don't know what. Maybe get a mani/pedi. (This will be a boring day.) (By boring, I mean relaxing, and thus quite needed.

Sunday, January 31--Church! And then something else.

Monday, February 1--Depart from LAX to Newark, and then off to Tel-Aviv! Will there be turbulence? Will I get an aisle seat? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

Tuesday, February 2--We arrive and head to Galilee! Lots of exciting things happened in Galilee, and I will see so many of the places...tomorrow. Today, we get to relax and eat dinner. Hummus! Shakshouka! Hurrah!

Wednesday, February 3--Sea of Galilee! Sea of Galilee! Fish and bread for lunch! Mount of Beatitudes, where the Sermon on the Mount was preached! Where Peter and Mary Magdalene lived! The Jordan River! RIDING ON A BOAT. ON THE SEA OF GALILEE. WHERE JESUS AND PETER WALKED. This is going to be an amazing day. :D

Thursday, February 4--Less excitement. We're going north to Dan and Caesarea Philippi, which should be interesting, and see the boundary of old Israel. Probably good to have a calmer day after the excitement of Wednesday.

Friday, February 5--Back to the excitement! NAZARETH. Jesus' hometown!!!! And then Mount Carmel, where Elijah went all Mendelssohn on the Baal followers in one of the most epic take-downs of all time. I think we will also properly see the Mediterranean today, and then off to Jerusalem!

Saturday, February 6--This day is going to be amazing as well. Mount of Olives, Bethlehem, AND Gethsemane? In one day? We'll see the Dead Sea Scrolls too! It's going to be awesome. On a side note, I'm interested to see how the Sabbath is like in Israel.

Sunday, February 7--Dead Sea is the real highlight today. I remember my seventh grade history teachers telling me about swimming in the Dead Sea, and I thought it sounded fun, and was envious that I would never get to swim there. Well, now I am! We'll see some other historical sites, too, like Masada and Qumran.

Monday, February 8--We'll be really exploring Jerusalem today, and finding the ancient parts of the city. We'll also be going to Mount Zion.

Tuesday, February 9--We leave in the evening, but the day is pretty crowded. Holocaust Memorial, Western Wall, Cavalry, and the Garden Tomb. Should be a fairly somber day, methinks.

Wednesday, February 10-- I return to the US! Ironically, this is Ash Wednesday.

Thursday, February 11--SLEEP. And maybe laundry.


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