Thursday, January 28, 2016


They changed my flights!! Boo. Now I leave late on the ninth, so I still get to do everything except stay in the hotel for an extra night. And now I get a twelve hour wait at LAX, since I already booked my flight from LAX to SFO. Ah, well. I might see if they can get me on an earlier flight, but of course, my luggage might not get on that earlier flight. On the bright side, my shiny United credit card gets me a trip to the fancy lounge, so that's probably where I will spend my travel day.
Weather! I only bothered checking LA for this weekend today, since...well, since it is LA. But I might actually get rain on Sunday! This is what I get for not checking. It should be really nice on Saturday, though, and no problems for leaving on Monday. Newark should be clear for my connection, so that is good as well. But what about Israel?

The mid-trip rain is gone, replaced with rain the day I arrive. Well, I won't be going anywhere super exciting that day, so it can rain. But it still looks good! This is all because I got a rain poncho, isn't it?
I'll post my itinerary tomorrow. EEEEEE!! I am very excited!!

  • Email landlord that I'll be paying rent early Email sent 1/26
  • Pay rent Paid
  • Laundry Done
  • Put away clothes, which now seems to be a chore separate to laundry
  • Go to library for plane books, and maybe a tourism guide Hopefully I have enough. We shall see.
  • Pack clothes
  • Pack toiletries
  • Pack computer - after this blog post!
  • Pack phone charger - Tomorrow!
  • Pack passport
  • Confirm that George can take me to airport
  • Email itinerary to Mum
  • Clean apartment (I'm at about a 6/10 on the tidiness scale...I can do better before I go) (Now at 7/10)
  • Vacuum - Tomorrow when waiting for George; It's too late now.
  • Throw food out that will go bad - Tomorrow after breakfast
  • Take out rubbish and recycling (Although may need to do again.)
  • Hold my post? Maaaaabye. Nah.
  • Empty phone of photos I don't need, so I can take lots of pictures
  • Put a different playlist on phone. I'm bored.
  • Update blog with developments Technically, this is done
  • Check that all bills are up-to-date (I believe they are, but no harm in checking)
  • Call credit card company(ies?) Notified them online. Hopefully that works.
  • Go to work four times two more times! ONE MORE TIME AHHHHHH
  • Go to Junior High
  • Go to YAF Skipped for packing

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