Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello from Newark!

I type this while I am about to board, and will probably end while on the plane, so it won't be the longest post ever. 

I am in New Jersey! Flight from LA was good, and I have met some of my group. There are a few other young professionals in the trip, which is nice in terms of having people my age.

 Otherwise, so far, so good! I had a pork burrito at the airport. Farewell, pig meat! Now I'll be kosher for a little while. 

Flight itself was fine.  Some turbulence, but nothing too bad. Sadly I was in the last row: in the words of my father, deep cattle class. 

On the flight, I discovered a Mount Rogers, a magical peak that I should discover one day. 

Once we landed in Newsrk, we went over to the gate, but there was time for some New York style pizza. It didn't look super appetizing cold, but it was decent once warm. There's an unexpected New York experience!

Post pizza, we went to the gate. This was no ordinary flight gate. We had extra security, including pat downs and metal detectors. I guess this must be because we are going to the Middle East (technically)? I would have taken some photos, but I didn't want to get in trouble since it is already a special gate with extra supervision. 

Now I am on the next plane. Eleven hours! I'm debating whether I should sleep or not sleep and just power through until bedtime Tuesday. There is a good movie selection, so I can be entertained, and I have lots of books and things to read. We are seated right over the wing, so there won't be any good photo ops, but we shall see what I can do. 

So until tomorrow, faithful blog readers! Next stop: ISRAEL!

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