Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day Three is Free - NaNoWriMo 2016

Word count: 3583 (Oh, hush. I have a write-in later.)

Lately I have been writing to The Last Five Years soundtrack, which doesn't really make for the most optimistic writing experience. But I think that when I write, I want my brain to be quiet, and I have the songs stuck in my head. So if I play the songs, they don't play in my head, and I have more free space to write. That's nice.

I just have no idea about my plot. I know what I want to do. I want the B plot to be the A plot, but I don't know what that B plot is. Ooh, maybe I'll start my A plot (which is going to be my B plot) tonight. I'll have a break-in and superhero fight in the living room. Excellent. There's my A plot (that's my B plot). BUT I STILL DON'T HAVE A FULL PLOT. I was thinking, vaguely, there could be a fraud plotline, but that's BORING and I don't know enough about fraud anyway.

This is why I should stick to fantasy. I can make that stuff up if I don't know it.

Hmm. Maybe I'm trying to be too fancy. This is a story about the love interests of superheroes. Normally, their arcs are simple. Trying to become an actor. Trying to discover new physics-y stuff. Running a company. And then they are held hostage at the wrong times. So...maybe a person who wants to get a promotion or something but gets fired for being unreliable because she keeps on being held hostage? That could be interesting.

This may be a good thought. I should have figured this out last week.

PROMPT: Today's prompt is one of my all-time favorites! Include the music you are listening to in your novel. Silence, a podcast, or other sounds all work too!

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