Monday, March 27, 2017

Lenten Devotionals - Mark 10:13-16


Woot, short passage!

I mean, it's a fairly simple one, I think, which means that I have to really pay attention. The kingdom of God belongs to children, or people like children. I guess that means...innocent? The people who see the world in black and white? The people who find it so easy (for the most part) to trust God and feel it will all work out?

Ha. I used to be that last one, I think.

But there is something about that wide-eyed wonder, that simple acceptance of everything, that I think is important. I think I could, when entering Heaven, be excited like a kid in a candy story. I could want to run up to God and give him a hug. I could be the little kid again, because I've kept in touch with my childlike side pretty well.

But there's part of me that's old, and bitter, and so angry about everything. There's part of me that hates anyone who still has that childlike appreciation for God because they are so stupid and easily content. Why aren't they actually doing any good work instead of selfishly living so satisfied? There's things to do! Stop living in your rose-tinted world and get out!

Ugh. I hate people like that. And I guess I'm supposed to be one. Deny myself again...

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