Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lenten Devotionals - Mark 4:26-34


Nine verses tonight! It’s a short one.

Two more parables tonight, both pretty short. I’m going to go out of order because I think the second one is easier to understand. Well, maybe I think it is easier because it is more well-known. I’ve heard the mustard seed one plenty of times. You just need a little bit of faith, and it can grow into something marvelous. Your faith can grow into something enormous. Just a tiny little mustard seed.

So the first one is harder. A man grows some plants, then harvests them, but he doesn’t understand how the plant grows. Only I can’t tell who the man is. Maybe it’s supposed to be us—a human, since God would know how things grow. The man doesn’t know how things grow, not really; there’s maybe some abstract knowledge, but it’s really kind of a mystery. 

But somehow, it grows. And somehow, faith grows. We don’t know how. The seed chose me—I am a child of God, my seed grows. And it thrives, and I don’t know how. And one day I may be harvested, but there will be an output. There will be more of me than there was. Provided I feed, I water, I take care of my little seed.

I suppose that is what I am doing right now. Watering my little seed.

Grow, little seed! Grow!

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