Monday, March 13, 2017

Lenten Devotionals - Mark 6:1-13


Taking today off, which means I get to do an earlier blog post. Clearly, God should let me win the lottery so I can blog earlier in the day.

Anywho. Today's passage is thankfully a bit shorter, and a whole chunk more confusing. The second part is mostly straightforward at least; it's the first part about a prophet's honour that I find confusing. Jesus went back to Nazareth, and the people were skeptical of him, and he didn't do any miracles except healings (which, apparently, don't count?) because you can't in your hometown.

Or maybe I am reading it wrong. I thought that the "without honour" might have a special meaning, but it seems to really mean despised. A prophet isn't despised except in his hometown...maybe it's the double negative that is confusing me. A prophet is honoured everywhere but his hometown. I dunno, Jesus wasn't really honoured in his hometown...neither was Moses, off the top of my head. That saying just doesn't make sense. I thought that maybe the word could mean something like have powers, so a prophet can't perform miracles in his hometown, but I guess that wasn't right either.

But Jesus couldn't do any miracles in Nazareth. I think I may be too caught up on the meanings of that (like, does God just take away powers once you're in your hometown?), and should reflect on why. People would probably despise you a bit, if you got too blessed. Or else be excitable--want to tell everything that you knew him! You once played kickball in the nearby fields, or his mom would always bring the best dip to the local potluck. It might turn braggy; maybe that is the issue.

Or people could be exalted from Nazareth? Claim they were blessed by Jesus, or something. I don't know. Wouldn't people in Capernaum, or anywhere else, be able to make the same statements? It doesn't seem to be something only Nazarethian locals could do. I would think it would be open for everyone.

Well, I'm confused, but at least I am trying. Happy Monday!

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