Friday, March 24, 2017

Lenten Devotionals - Mark 9:30-37


Wheee, short passage tonight!

There's really two half to this one. First of all, Jesus foretells his death (and resurrection) again. It's an interesting phrasing. He will be delivered into the hands of men. I mean, it may have been phrased like this last time, but I'm finding it interesting this time. It sort of takes God out of the equation. Men will be able to do with Jesus what they want, and guess what that is? Men want to kill Jesus.

And sin is, sort of, killing God? I mean, it's ignoring God, sometimes. Sometimes it's trying to fight against God. Sometimes it's trying to do what you want instead of what God wants. But it's always opposing God in some way. But I guess what I'm thinking of is, when mankind can do with God what they want, they want no God--which, in earthly terms, means killing God. And sure enough, when God doesn't fight back, when God lets mankind does what it wants, that means man gets to kill God.

Of course, joke is on them, because that just lets people get delivered from sin, doesn't it? It's such an elegant solution to sin. I mean, it's terrible, and I would rather it not need to happen. But part of me thinks it's a kind of beautiful solution? Poetic. Am I allowed to say that? Hmm.

Anyway. Part two of the passage is Jesus and the children. The whole receiving children being receiving God reminds me a bit about the verse (I can't remember where) about helping angels on accident. (Oh, I looked it up--Hebrews 13:2.) I guess it's all sort of the same. Whenever you do something loving, you're doing that to Jesus--which means, to God.

It's interesting, to think of all the ways I volunteer, and picture doing that to God. But it makes me take it a bit more seriously? And the things you do to friends, as well. Basically, you should always behave and love, because you do that to God in turn--either good or bad.

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