Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lenten Devotionals - Mark 11:1-14


Oof, we are at Easter week!

First thought: Huh, those people are very happy to get rid of their colt. I cant understand why they were indignant initially. IF someone was going to take my car, I'd be annoyed. And if they then told me it was "for the Lord"? I would roll my eyes and tell them still no.

So why would these people give it up? I guess there was some sort of divine intervention. Maybe if I really felt that God needed it. But I think that I would need to really, really feel it. And that doesn't feel like it is a lack of God. It feels like being practical.

But I guess that practicality can be the nemeses of God? Like, it's practical to do things myself, not to sit around trusting God. I need to do things. God doesn't feel like a practical choice. But here I am, attempting to follow God anyway. It doesn't feel like it is doing anything. It's been a month of lent, an I don't feel like I'm closer to God, even though I've been reading the Bible every day and blogging about it.

I guess it comes down to faith. Faith about whether God is asking for your colt, faith about whether God is making a difference anyway, faith about whether God is practical. So I suppose this proves that I have faith, as did the owners of the colt.

But is it the kind like the crowd, which will change in just a few days? Maybe the colt owner's changed. I'm determined, though. I don't want my faith to change. I want it to grow. That's another reason why I am going to keep on reading, and blogging (at least through lent, anyway). Faith!

Also, Jesus doesn't like figs.

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