Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Coronavirus of DOOOOOM

I have read a lot of dystopian fiction in my time. I thought I was well-prepared for any sort of apocalyptic event that came my way. But the pandemics I envisioned were more the zombie-type, and now that we are in the coronavirus-type, I have come to a realization:

Pandemics are boring.

I have cleaned and video gamed and tv-ed and Netflix-ed and read to my heart's content, and after 37 days of it, I am bored. I miss seeing people. I miss the fast network at work. I miss the really terrible coffee at church. I miss being able to accidentally bump into someone and not feel like I may now be responsible for the death of several individuals. You truly never know what you had until it is gone.

So now I am finding myself with nothing to do, hence this blog post. Maybe it is time to get back into blogging. Maybe it is time to learn to crochet (per the advice of my sixth grade girl small group). Maybe it is time to crack English crossword puzzles. I could dig into some deep calculus, perhaps. There possibilities are endless, but the laziness is also great.

So, more likely, I'm going to change into my pajamas and play free internet games on my phone for the next few hours before "going to bed" and surf the internet for another hour or so. That's my routine. Best to not shake it up at this point.

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