Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Musings - I Like Being Alone

Back in Junior High, over summer there would be a hangout one afternoon a week in the Youth Room. This was my favourite activity of the week; I would come thirty minutes early, and happily play my favorite video game (T-Mek) for several hours. Occasionally people would try to play against me, and I would beat them. Usually, though, I preferred to play Single Player. In fact, when everyone else was talking and having water balloon fights or watching a movie, I would prefer to sit in my corner and be by myself.

It was wonderful, but it always left me confused. To be fair, the definition of a teenager is arguably "confused person between 13 and 19", but there was something more to it. In books, people would have such wonderful groups of friends. At school, people would have wonderful groups of friends. And I would try to hang out with my wonderful group  of friends, and I would end up exhausted. I would go to parties and hide in another room. I hated meeting new people. I preferred spending evenings by myself to big group events.Why wasn't I normal, and hanging out with a big group of people? What was wrong with me?

It took me a long time to decide that I didn't mind if that was strange; I preferred to be by myself, and so I would seclude myself. I didn't know the term yet, but I finally accepted that I was an introvert.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Wild Post Appears!

So, I was trying to having a regular blogging schedule. Really, I was. But then several things happened:

1. I moved.

Alright, so moving is one thing. But if you know me, you know that my hatred of moving is not merely a "dislike". It is a burning passion. Everything is messy, and everything is tiring, and I'm trying to write a novel? Ha. Ha ha ha. You're so funny, Christine, trying to keep a blog while you're contemplating Evil Moving.

And since I'm really good at procrastinating, I decided to just keep on procrastinating. And now it's September! But thankfully, not much has happened in Christine-Land since moving. I have been trying to work on my novel, but have not been doing a good job of doing that efficiently. Actually, I'm supposed to be working on it right now. Good things are happening--I've nailed down the main character's emotion journeys, for one--but work mostly requires sitting down and concentrating, and lately I've felt too lethargic to do so.

But maybe if I blog about it, I will feel guilt-tripped into doing so more regularly? One can only hope.

I also started some (vague, preliminary) work on NaNo today. As ML of the SF Peninsula, NaNo prep consists of very little novel preparation and quite a bit of emailing, ordering supplies, drinking coffee, wanting to take a nap, forcing self to start looking at locations for write-ins, planning a kick-off party, hating self for actually planning a party that involves me being the centre of attention, debating whether I should both with a Halfway Party, planning a TGIO party, and hoping that my current NaNo idea will last until November. But I enjoy it!

But that does mean that I am hoping to keep a blog with several things going on at the end of this year, such as:

1. Work
2. Chores
3. NaNo
5. Jr. High
6. Intern Class
7. Actually trying to be sociable

Although to be fair, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 were all going on during moving. So maybe there is hope after all!

Sorry for the rambly post. Just trying to get back into the swing of blogging! I think I might have missed it.