Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day Six, Don't Fix - NaNoWriMo 2016

WORD COUNT: 16,018

Obviously, not as productive today, but that's okay. I did clean the kitchen and bathroom and clean my sheets, so I think that should count as a couple extra words.

My heroine got attacked today! I had no idea where to go, and decided to write an action scene. Sometimes, ideas come out if you just sidetrack yourself enough. I don't know if an actual idea came out, but hey, I got a thousand or so words out of it, and she still isn't fully out of the situation. I'll have to deal with the cleanup and fallout tomorrow morning, I guess. We'll see what happens; she argued with her husband last time, so I don't think she should fight with him again. Something else needs to happen.

I have an idea for between chapters, too. I think I'll try and include little blurbs like the back of books, which give a little bit of the idea of the plot. Of course, they are only giving the A-plot, which is my B-plot, so it will highlight the usual plotline. That might be fun. I might need to take it out, but hey, that's for December. It's something fun to do now.

About one-third done--hooray!

PROMPT: Today's prompt is a free character for you. Add the following character to your novel: The parent of your antagonist, who is actually quite a nice person if you get to know them

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