Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lenten Devotionals - Mark 11:15-33


Lots to discuss today!

First off: Jesus is gonna wreck the temple. Well, the people trying to profit from the temple, I suppose. There's sort of an equivalent now, with people who venture into religious endeavors for monetary purposes. I don't know if being a Christian bookseller or something like that is the issue, but instead being something directly tied with the church. Like a church the demands money, maybe? That seems more like the equivalent. I don't think selling Christian books or, I don't know, Christian musicians are the issue. Those are associated with salvation. Churches are.

And you can't trust a super fancy church, IMO.

Moving on: the fig tree died! Jesus hates figs. Which brings up the verse I am having the most trouble with, regarding faith and trust, I suppose. If you pray to God and trust it, it will be answered--it will be granted. Which prickles me because all I can think of are unanswered prayers...

Didn't I trust? I thought I did, once. I'm pretty sure I did. I was so sure, ten years ago, that God would come through. I trusted that I had a happy ending. And now...He hasn't come through. My trust has ebbed. Why? Because it's not at my speed? I don't know if getting what you want one second to midnight counts as really granting something, though. That seems like a technicality.

If God wanted me to be happy, I would be happy. If God wanted me to be married, I would be married. That's how it works. And I can pray and pray and assume it will come true, but God's shown zero interest in making any of that true. So why assume it? I don't know if it works. But all scripture is true. So it should work. Am I mis-reading the passage? Granted seems like it is an affirmative word, but maybe it just means answered--answered as in yes or no, not granted as in, well, granted.

I dunno. I'm struggling with it.

Also, Jesus doesn't always give answers. The disciples failed the test, and so Jesus didn't answer. Proof that we get tested, if nothing else.

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