Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lenten Devotionals - Mark 14:53-65


Everything is more terrible!

So Jesus is put on a little mini-trial, essentially, in front of the priest. And people are making things up, but in the end, Jesus is the one who convinces the high priest of blasphemy when He says that He is the Christ. Which would be blasphemy, except it's, you know, true.

And I get, to a certain extent, the skepticism. The Messiah was supposed to rescue people from the Romans. He was probably supposed to seem a little more Godly and less human. But was Moses particularly special? Any of the patriarchs? On one hand, wouldn't being so unassuming make a ot of sense?

On the other hand, it's hard to believe. If someone came up to me and said they were the Messiah I wouldn't believe them, partly because I believe the Messiah already came, but also because it seems so unlikely. Really? It's you? And you won't do a miracle to prove it in front of me? And all these people are saying you aren't? Like, how can I blame the priest for being skeptical?

Unless there was some sort of God sense. Maybe a gut feeling, that this was wrong. But by the book, I understand the priest. I don't understand the lies people are telling, but I understand the priest.

Which just goes to show, God doesn't work in a logical way.

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