Friday, March 31, 2017

Lenten Devotionals - Mark 10:46-51


I feel like we have been in Mark 10 for forever.

Anyway. Bartimaeus gets his sight back, so: another healing! And again, he has to ask, and yell, to be heard. So I guess you have to be loud, sometimes, to be heard by God. To scream. To really push God because He will ignore you otherwise.

Am I being harsh on God? I mean, He is ignoring if He doesn't give you a yes or no. In this instance, Jesus might not have been able to physically hear Bartimaeus, but He's also God. He knew that Bartimaeus wanted His sight back. He knew Bartimaeus was yelling out. Surely He knew that Bartimaeus really, really wanted his sight, to the point where he would keep on yelling out for help. Maybe God wanted proof, but Bartimaeus was proven persistent enough. So why make him keep yelling?

Why make anyone keep on asking, and asking, and asking? Either they are going to give up because they are weakened or don't want something very much, or they are going to keep on going. What's the point in proving the difference if God already knows the difference? It would be one thing if God didn't want to heal, but Jesus did. Jesus has been healing tons of people. Why does it have to be so much effort?

It doesn't make sense to me.

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